Friday, February 5, 2010

Gourmet Dinners

Sorry I haven't posted my dinner from Sunday. It was so good... I just have not had time. It is not just the start of the semester, but Brandon and I have been doing work on the house from the second we walk in the door until we go to bed this week. It looks great. He did the manual labor while I did the cleaning and organizing. You know how I keep my house... so you judge whichwas the more difficult job.

My gourmet dinners for this week:
Monday - left over tortilla stack from Sunday. The highlight by far.

Tuesday - french fries from McDonalds and nuggets and chili from Wendys. (Two different fast food restaurants- keeping it classy).

Wednesday - chocolate covered mini donuts and a frozen pizza. (Hey, it was Digiornos.)
Thursday - chocolate covered mini donuts and left over frozen pizza. (Still Digiornos)

Result- No blog worthy meals, but what a kitchen!

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