Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craft Time #2

Craft time take 2! Complete with a Maggie!

We played with my wax paints. None of us are particularly gifted at the wax arts, but it was quite fun.

Maggie completed two craft projects. A tree (that ended up with a sky) and a painted representation of their newest cat, Twitch.  Twitch is very twitchy.

I didn't take a picture of mine in progress -- this is Shana's base color.

Here is Pepper's in progress.

And the final product (mine is the top one) that is now hanging on Pepper's wall.

The End!

Craft Time

Pepper* and I finally had a craft day with the Nissen Bomb, although Maggie was sadly absent. We decided to make some bottle art, and we each picked a beer bottle.

Miss Niss fretted initially over what to paint, but after some googling, she stuck her tongue out and got to work.

Pepper painted blackbirds and clouds.  I don't have a final picture, but there was also a moon.  I asked her what she wanted to say about doing bottle art on the blog, and she reports, "It was amazing."  There you go.

This is my work in progress.  The wine bottle below is what I worked on by myself earlier.  I haven't actually finished the beer bottle one.  I am thinking about trying to paint an elephant rearing up, with its trunk in the neck of the bottle.  I have serious doubts about my ability to accomplish such a thing, though.  The tree thing was a random block of scrap wood that I painted with the extra bottle paint & then drew a tree on it.

This was my initial wine bottle fun times.  I got the idea for wine bottle art from some stuff we saw at Lowe Mill over Christmas.  Those had bright, oddly shaped buildings, but I didn't think that I could pull that off. So I roamed around Etsy looking at pictures/paintings of dancers.

And this is where I put my scrap tree.

Here are the instructions we used.  I recommend this project!

*Although Pepper is 18, she's still in the foster system, and I'm not supposed to post pictures of her or put her name on the interwebs. I sometimes call her chili pepper (children -> chilluns -> chilis -> chili pepper), so that's the name we're going with.