Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Chef Take That: Pesto Meatballs Spaghetti

Hi... I have no pictures of my own, as I don't have a working camera and laptop, but I made spaghetti with a twist last night and I wanted to share because it was pretty good. I had some leftover pesto from a delicious pesto spinach tomato pasta, and decided to add it to Stephie's mom's meatballs that I love so much. I didn't have much pesto left, so I only added about 2 spoonfuls, but it was enough to add a slight pesto taste to the meatballs. I will do it again for sure, and maybe add 4 spoonfuls to give it a more noticeable pesto kick. I did it with marinara sauce, but I think of the meatballs have enough pesto flavor they would taste good with a light Alfredo sauce or even olive oil and Parmesan. The meatballs had pesto, garlic, shredded Parmesan, egg, and bread crumbs. I also rolled them in breadcrumbs like we do.

As I was making it I remembered the frozen food task on a season of Top Chef. One of the groups made a pesto meatball pasta dish.. the judges thought it was weird to put pesto in a warm dish with meat, but we gracewood fans disagreed. I wanted to try pesto meatballs since watching that show several years ago. Here is a picture of Kasey and Dale discussing their pesto meatball dish.

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