Friday, July 9, 2010


Day 1, Part 1 of Chicago Fun.

The fearless driver.

The stylish passenger. The other passenger was camera shy.

Driving into Chicago.

We got into Chicago at a time that we thought was early. We were meeting Elizabeth & Brian, who had an evening wedding. It turns out that we were lucky that we got in early. It took us a while to find parking, for which we paid an arm, a leg, and an ear. Then we were about a mile and half away, so we hoofed it. Lindsay had a big, fat foot from a bee sting, but she was a trooper. We passed these art trees on the way there and decided to be trees ourselves.

Taste of Chicago. We forgot to take pictures of the actual food, but we had pierogies, tacos, goat, crab rangoon, hamburgers, and something else -- all taste size portions. We also bought a $4 bottle of water, because there were no fountains. Not cool, Taste of Chicago, not cool.

After roaming around the crowds, we took a little breather beneath a tree. Lindsay & Stephanie took a self-portrait. I was asleep.

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