Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arts & Crafts

I got into an artsy mood today.  First, I played with colored pencils.  But then I had some real fun playing with my new encaustic set! 

In each little tin is colored wax.  The two light colored ones on the right are a cleaning wax and a clear wax.  I used a pancake griddle to melt the wax.  Then you can use the cake griddle as your palette!  Fun, right?!

OK, so my tree looks a little arts & craftsy and/or middle school art homework project, but whatevs!  It was fun, and I went ahead and framed that sucker.  I'll probably find a place in my bedroom for it.

The cool thing about painting with wax is that it is very textural. I included this picture so you could see more how textured it is.

Future visitors -- if you want to play with my encaustics when you visit me, I thoroughly support that!

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