Monday, May 24, 2010

The Finale

Contrary to my typical style, I made way too much food. However, the results were delicious and worthy of the lost finale. I got all my recipes online so I will just put hyperlinks since there are so many. The coconut shrimp were amazing! And I would make the Dharma cookies again.

The Island Mixed Drink

This is really based on the PF chang's poolside drink. I renamed it the island, because I can do that.

Coconut Shrimp with an Orange Marmalade Sauce

I think these were the best things of the night. Yum. And I am pretty sure I saw Hurley eating prepared coconut shrimp throughout the season on the island.

Dharma Beer

OK- I didn't make the beer or the labels, but I printed them off my computer. They are really funny though. The UPC is based on the numbers Desmond has to enter and the warning about drinking if you are pregnant is Dharma related.

Mr. Clucks Mini Bucket of Smokey Chicken
and Zucchini Boats

I didn't make the chicken- it is just frozen chicken. But it does have smokey in the title so I get bonus points for that. This was my least favorite but I wanted to make a mini bucket of chicken :)

The zucchini boats were good but I was getting really full by this point because I made things in shifts and not all at once. I didn't follow the recipe really at all, but I go the idea from there and just added my own stuff for the filling of the zucchini.

Pineapple-Plane Upside Down Cake

This was good. The plane is a toy I bought for my dissertation task. It is so realistic, I know.

And last but not least...

Fish Biscuits and Lost Island Drink of Choice

These cookies were really good- they were citrus and I used food coloring to make them look like the fish biscuits on lost. When I made them I spelled Dharma wrong, I kept leaving out the R so it was a fish biscuit from the Dhama initiative. I did it multiple times despite making a conscious effort to spell it correctly.

Alby played the part of the polar bear for this shot. I made him press a lever and everything before he got a biscuit.

My last e-guest for the lost party. No recipe for her.


  1. Those shrimp look great! You have definitely done well enough for at least 2nd place. We'll have to see how the party planner does!

  2. Also, bonus points to both of us for including roommates in our posts.

  3. I love the bucket of chicken and your polar bear! Bonus points for a polar bear.

    All the food looks great. I am eating left overs now!