Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A scone. There's no recipe for this. It came from a box mix. Remember, domestic goddesses -- there's no shame in using prepared and semi-prepared foods. The taste is all that matters.

I tried to make french baguettes from scratch, which I've done successfully before. Here we have french dough. We took a picture, because it looks like a butt. Domestic goddesses, if you make your food from scratch, do not fear comparing it to body parts. Giggling is also encouraged.

Anyway, like I said, I've successfully made baguettes before. Beautiful baguettes. This time, though, I used a different recipe, and I may have been distracted. I think I let it over-rise by a couple of hours. When I touched the loaves, they deflated. We ended up with a kind of french flat bread. It was tasty, but different. I used it to make the toad in the hole in the post below. And finally, goddesses, do not be afraid if the final product does not resemble what you meant to make. If it's edible, it's a success! If it's not edible, it's a learning experience!

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