Friday, December 31, 2010

Snuggie! or Slanket? the Reavaxer?

I am so crafty. Well. Not really. I had my first sewing lesson and my instructor discovered that I needed some serious remediation. I learned words like selvage and baste (which has nothing to do with meat or an oven). And in the end I made a bright orange Snuggie-like thing.

Before we take a quick and fascinating tour through my Snuggie making, we need to come up with a name that is not copyrighted. My mom came up with two possibilities. The Reavaxer is one, but it kind of reminds me of this. The other option -- I don't really even remember it, but I didn't care for it. Sorry, Ma. Anyway, let me know if you come up with a good name for my orange Snuggie.

OK, let us begin.

This is a "Comfy Blanket" pattern. Note how the pictures highlight the awesome pocket.

I think my instructor is pointing out the fact that this is one long-ass pattern.

That larger rectangle is for the foot pocket. Yes, friends, there is a foot pocket.

Threading my mini-sewing machine with bright orange thread.

Pinning the regular pocket.

An unhemmed, sleeveless, pocketless Snuggie.

There's so much fabric! I rolled it up so I could sew in the middle.

Look at that line! My instructor gave me an "A" for that.

And here is my finished Snuggie! I always wanted to be an orange monk. Note, of course, the front pocket. I should mention that the directions said this was an hour-long project. Even with the help of my instructor, who pinned various things & helped me cut, it took me between 5 & 6 hours to make my monk suit.

But look! You can watch TV! (Note again the use of the pocket.)

Or you can read! Whatever you do, you will be so happy in your monk suit.

You can put just about anything in your monk suit. Your head, for example, fits nicely into a sleeve.

But that pocket. Oh that pocket! What things can go in that pocket. A wee dog, perhaps?

Tissues have a safe and handy home inside the pocket.

Mikey the Monkey loves the Snuggie Pocket!

Look, you can even fit two people & a dog in your Snuggie. Of course, at this point, you may be overwhelmed by the paparazzi taking your glamorous monk suit picture. Then you look like this:


After all that hard work, student, instructor, and helper dogs are all pooped out. The End.

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