Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Tamales!

These weren't really that hot, but I thought it made for a good title. I used recipes as guidelines, but didn't really follow any recipe exactly and made lots of substitutions. I really liked the Tamales and wrapping them in the corn husk was fun. It was like a food present. I will post the links to the recipes.

The Tamales

I used this as a general guideline because I didn't really know the procedure for making tamales. I didn't use rotisserie chicken, but just baked some chicken and then shredded it (I guess that is kind of the same thing). I didn't put in peas or olives, but instead I sauteed some green peppers, onions, corn and added roasted red and poblano pepper. And I probably used more cheese than it called for, cheese makes everything better. I also made my own green salsa which was delicious in the tamales :)

The Green Salsa

I liked this recipe. I didn't have serrano chiles so I used the poblano chile. I also roasted half of the onion.

I would make these again. They were really good and not that hard to make once I figured everything out. I also have like 25 corn husks leftover.

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