Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden, Overgrown

The edges of the garden are pretty hard to see, because it is WAY overgrown.

Only a few of my broccoli plants made broccoli. I let this one get a little yellow. Whoops.

Shallots separating.

Swiss chard in a forest of grass.

I also planted lettuce & arugula, but I have eaten those, and they're going to seed now. The strawberry plants did not bear fruit & none of my peas appear to have come up.

I'm pretty proud that my garden produced ANYTHING and didn't totally dry up.

1 comment:

  1. Just keep at it. My peas looks terrible too. You have clover too, and that stuff suffocates plants and it such a pain to get rid of.

    My strawberries didn't give me much last year, but this year they are going crazy, so maybe next year you will get a ton!

    You should plant some zucchini or squash for the summer, it produces so much! Do you have any tomatoes!